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Intercultural competence and ability to act

In our increasingly globalized and mobile world, working with people from foreign cultures has become run-of-the-mill. This diversity can greatly enrich a company.

However, foreign behavior and communication methods, different work styles, and the collision of varying impressions, thought processes, and values can all lead to insecurity and tension, presenting management with special challenges.

Especially in certain cases, like a cooperation that crosses national borders, or a when a team made up of an international mix of members strives to work together constructively, differences in work style, attitude, and communication habits can lead to extreme tension and severely limit the chance of success

The objective

Through a sensitization toward cultural differences, reflection on individual cultural imprints, and a conscious effort to deal with prejudices and stereotypes, this seminar prepares participants for a competent, constructive, and confident confrontation with intercultural challenges. Unnecessary tensions and frictional losses will be avoided, positive cooperation ensured, and positive and efficient project work successfully achieved.

This seminar clarifies patterns of social and cultural thought, behavior, and national mind-sets especially relevant to the life and work of employees in an international environment. The participants are made familiar with behavioral norms from different cultures, enabling them to properly understand expectations and behaviors, successfully pursue their goals, recognize and constructively handle potential areas of conflict, and identify and use areas of potential synergy.

Intercultural Sensitization (1 Day)

Training content and objectives:

  • Increase awareness of personal and foreign forms of behavior
  • Recognize and respect the singularities of other cultures
  • Recognize and successfully overcome communication barriers
  • Address typical behavioral patterns in a professional context, e.g. management style, conflict resolution, decision making processes, team work, meeting structures, compensation, and motivation
  • Focus on four countries of choice

Exclusive Country Seminars (1 Day)

Training content and objectives:

  • Increase awareness of both personal and foreign behavior
  • Recognize and respect of other cultures‘ individual characteristics
  • Uncover and successfully overcome communication barriers
  • Learn about everyday life in the foreign culture
  • Receive tips regarding integration and culture shock
  • Process typical patterns of behavior in a professional context, e.g. leadership styles, conflict resolution, decision making, team work, meeting procedures, rewards, and motivation.

Preparation for Transfer to an Islamic Country (3 Days)

Training content and objectives:

  • Receive country-specific information
  • Learn about culture, economy, and politics
  • Cover culture basics: Islam - Backgrounds – Understanding – Implications
  • Understand the relationship between Arabs and Berber
  • Practice corporate etiquette
  • Situations – Requirements – Communication Behavior
  • Language – Dialogue – Misunderstandings
  • Focus on other aspects depending on company requirements and interests

Intercultural Outdoor Team Training

What makes your international team special? What is your key to success?

“A team is a group of individuals who work together to achieve the best possible results. In a team, members need to acknowledge and accept each individual for who they are; by valuing one another's individuality, they bring out the best in each other. Each person brings their own ideas and it is in weaving these ideas together into a dynamic plan that they become a successful team.”

Being part of a great team can be a very satisfying experience. A well-performing team can accomplish amazing things. In this training, you will discover that success is largely determined by people’s behavior and how well their needs are met!

Possible Themes:

  • Working internationally
  • Forming teams
  • The what, why, and how of teams
  • Teams in our global business environment
  • Developing and communication: Mission, vision, and values
  • Teamwork and listening skills
  • Team role preferences
  • Empowering your colleagues
  • Special challenges of future virtual teams

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