Winni Kurzeder

State Certified Mountain and Ski Guide

Winni Kurzeder

Inspired by friends, I began my training to become a mountain and ski guide in 1989, which I successfully finished in 1990. Since then, I have joined my friends in supporting various clients in this area, such as the German Alpine Association (DAV), DAV Summit Club, Bavarian Alpine School, Amical Alpine, the DAV Youth Program, Picos, Central Sport School Munich, Hindelanger Bergführerbüro, and the Oberland and Munich Sections of the DAV.

Various trips and expeditions have led me to remote regions of the Himalayas, like when I climbed Shivling (Gangotri Group), or Karakorum in Pakistan (Latok Group). I have also had wonderful climbing experiences in Africa on Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya.

In 2000, I joined the DAV Mountain Climbing Training Team as an instructor; one year later, I was also appointed to the DAV Rock Climbing training team. In addition to training DAV volunteers, I am furthering my qualifications by completing a course on mountain climbing for seniors, as well as developing the DAV Hiking Guide Training Program.

Berg und SkiführerAs a qualified communications consultant under the guidance of Schulz von Thun, I truly enjoy bringing people closer to nature and their own strengths in various different ways.

  • State Certified Mountain and Ski Guide, IVBV, UIAGM
  • Member of the DAV Mountain Climbing Training Team
  • Member of the DAV Rock Climbing Training Team

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