"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Heidtmann & Kollegen

Heidtmann & Associates rarely develop content solutions alone, but rather actively include clients in the search for a solution, thus imparting skills that enable clients to one day help themselves. Therefore, we see ourselves as experts in searching, rather than experts in giving standard answers. We can also provide clients with necessary qualification measures and assist them in systematically coordinating their training activities.

econauten management consultants

Strategically implementing information technology, optimizing business processes, and making knowledge accessible.

Our customers success lies in the interplay of these three areas of expertise. We provide advice during decision-making processes for IT investments and manage the process of selecting adequate project partners and IT systems non-proprietary. Our main focus is process-supporting IT systems and agile, easy-to-customize technology that improves your companies added value.

Our customers are big and medium-size companies wishing to renew existing information technology, optimize their business processes with information technology or build up a strategic business and IT alignment.

Movement Professional Lukas Szybowski

The body needs movement.
The mind needs stimulation.
The heart needs people.
The economy needs people whose minds and hearts are in motion.
This leads to success.


DBM | Attorneys at Law

Whether discussing the development of communication skills or looking for protection from excessive demands, these topics affect your profession and therefore often raise legal questions. When these questions arise, we consult with Dr. Thomas Baumgarten from the offices of DBM | Attorneys at Law in Berlin. A specialist in industrial law, he has acted as consultant to companies for many years, whether with the implementation of personnel development concepts, or in the case of an employee looking to actively prevent Burn Out or to better develop and integrate their skills.


Nomadenland is your partner for team trainings, team events, family and children’s parties, and leisure activities. Active, creative, and relaxed – that is what a day in Nomadenland, located in Potsdam, is sure to be!

The endless sea of the Kyrgyz steppes in Central Asia seems to only find its end between the mighty mountain ranges and the horizon.  It is in this breathtakingly beautiful landscape that the nomads, also known as yurts, still live in their fur tents in close connection to nature and wildlife. You can now experience the magic of nomadic life, the yurt lifestyle, and the love for nature right here in Brandenburg. Two original yurt tents stand in the middle of Potsdam’s Volkspark and invite adventurers young and old. The yurt tents are the center of the nomadic camp, and the Nomadenland offers a diverse program of activities, enabling visitors to sharpen their senses, escape from everyday life, and make lifelong memories.

A place of freedom and adventure!

Bergsport Arnold

Elbsandstein Mountains offer climbers an extraordinary and varied rock surface which enables, and even requires, the body’s entire spectrum of movement. Friction, pocket, ledge, crack, and chimney climbing are combined in various routes and paired with breathtaking views ranging from scenic peaks and remote villages to gloomy rock gorges. The Elbsandstein Mountains combine climbing fun with outdoor adventure.


The Fifth Dimension

Alpinism has forever changed mankind’s view of the mountains. Before, mountains were seen as dangerous and life-threatening. Today, alpinism has begun to shine a different light on this vertical world. Alexander presents current highlights from this fascinating and diverse world. The unbelievable photo arrangement and captivating music are an unforgettable experience in and of themselves.

Mountain climbing is alive and well today! Although one might have thought in the 80s that alpinism could offer nothing new or spectacular, we see that the creativity of today’s climbers knows no limits! Whether on rocks, over ice, or in dramatic heights, something new can still be found to astound and impress the alpine community.

With many thrilling real-life examples, Alexander’s presentation proves that alpinism was never more alive than it is today.

Alpin Club Berlin

The DAV was founded in 1910 as the Charlottenburg Section of the German Alpine Association (DAV). In 2000, the association changed its name to AlpinClub Berlin, Section of the DAV.

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