Janina Benzinger

Outdoor Education / Experiential Education

B.A. with honors in Outdoor Education and Experiential Education

"The path is the goal."

Personal experiences have taught me that our life journey is influenced by our understanding of and trust in ourselves and others. I would like to guide you in defining and developing your strengths. My goal is to promote the effective cooperation between different people, in all their individuality, in order to centralize perceptions on the group as a whole and realize the collaboration’s full potential.

Allow for a new kind of experience and try something new. Let me guide you in jumping over your own shadow!

Areas of Expertise

  • Development of social and operational skills
  • Motivation and guidance of group processes (team building)
  • Experiential education and nature experience
  • Rock climbing instructor
  • High-rope course trainer (mobile high and low elements)

Country Expertise

Great Britain, New Zealand, Mongolia, and Nepal

Further Work Experience and Volunteer Activities

  • Training for school classes and adults in the areas of "team building" and "effective communication" for various schools and companies in and around Berlin (AWO Strausberg, Schattenspringer Berlin GmbH, BBIS- International School Berlin Brandenburg, Bridgehouse Teamwork, etc.)
  • Social competence gained through:
    2001-2003 Caregiver for handicapped and abused children in Aberdeen (Camphill - Rudolph Steiner Schools)
    2003-2004 Nursing services for Familienpflegedienst Wepler in Berlin
    2006-2007 Nursing home work in Dunedin (New Zealand)

A Brief 'About Me'

My name is Janina M. Benzinger. I am 30 years old and received the equivalent of a master’s degree (German "Diplom") in Outdoor Education from the Strathclyde University in Glasgow in 2008. I want to "meet people where they are", and guide them as we discover together what path their lives should take. Everyone should realize that every day brings with it new possibilities to experience and learn something new.

"When one door closes, another one opens." This sentence is the key to surviving life’s ups and downs and to seeing the opportunities available to us.

I find it enriching and fulfilling to work with others and enable them to move forward and discover something new.

The world and its inhabitants (culture) offer innumerable experiences that I continually discover with fascination. My life has led me to many different countries (i.e. studies in Great Britain and New Zealand, work in Mongolia and Nepal) and resulted in a bilingual life. I am a passionate climber and love getting out into nature, finding new momentum for myself and my work, and experiencing life with all my senses.

My Philosophy

"The past is history,
the future a mystery,
but the present is a gift.

Vergangenheit ist Geschichte,
Zukunft ist Geheimnis,
aber jeder Augenblick ist ein Geschenk."