Opportunities through Diversity - Benefits

The Benefits

"As long as you can’t forgive someone for being different, you are a long way off from the ways of wisdom."
Chinese Proverb

Various studies and past experiences have proven that companies can definitely profit from the strategic use of a diverse workforce. The most important advantages are:

Marketing And CRM

  • Open up new markets: Immigrants bring valuable language skills, providing access to new clients groups and markets. Employees from different cultures have a deep understanding of their native markets and can achieve beneficial results in both acquisition and sales.
  • Marketing: A diversely composed workforce can better adapt to and satisfy the needs and wishes of a heterogeneous client base.
  • Improved ability to innovate and adapt through creative problem solving: Mixed teams find more innovative and creative solutions to problems than homogeneous teams, although these teams can reach a decision more quickly.

Corporate Communication

  • Improved company image: The public respects companies who actively support diversity.

Human Resources

  • Human resources marketing: Employers become more attractive to highly qualified immigrants when they can offer a tolerant and motivated working atmosphere. This is increasing in importance because the traditionally dominant workforce group (men, native, married, academic degree) is slowly getting smaller.
  • Increase in employee motivation and satisfaction: Companies implementing diversity management have a lower employee fluctuation rate because workers feel understood and "at home".
  • Decrease in sick days: Employees who feel valued by the company are proven to take less sick days.
  • Decrease in risks: The chance of being sued for damages is smaller if a company actively practices diversity management.
  • Decrease in costs: The motivation and satisfaction of minorities increases when all employees are fully integrated.  This leads to fewer instances of friction loss and discrimination, which in the end results in lower costs.
  • Improved communication and teamwork: Mutual respect, accommodation, and openness to new ideas are the building blocks for successful communication and teamwork.

"There is no 'better' or 'worse,' only different. That difference has to be respected whether it's skin color, way of life, or ideas."
Kote Kotah

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