Balance. Satisfaction. Clarity. Just a dream or an achievable life goal?

"If you’ve done something for two years, look at it carefully!
If you’ve done something for five years, look at it suspiciously!
If you’ve done something for ten years, do it differently!"
Mahatma Gandhi

Imagine that you're standing in front of a mountain over 4,000 m (13,000+ ft.) high. You want to reach the top. Maybe you think, "I'll never make it!", but your will and courage are so strong that you try anyway. Halfway to the top, you suddenly realize that the mountain is higher and more challenging than you expected. We know these kinds of mountains all too well, as well as the various paths that lead us there.

Faced with the demands of everyday life, many of us rarely have the time to truly focus on our goals and desires, our own personal mountains, let alone how to best go about actually realizing them.

 "You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself."
Galileo Galilei

We are here to guide and support you in developing your learning and performance abilities by defining and encouraging areas of potential, reflecting on successes and failures, and providing resources that will motivate you on your journey.

Do you desire a shift in perspective? A reorientation? An escape from stress and a return to balance, clarity, stability, inner peace, and satisfaction?

We can't sell you an out-of-the-box solution or determine which direction your journey should take. However, we can help you to recognize your problems and suggest ways in which you can find solutions on your own. This process enables you to sharpen your perception, reflect on your experiences, and learn how to change your behavior, both now and in the future.

Your mountain is waiting! Let's start climbing - together.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching provides personalized guidance while addressing individual concerns and career-related questions, which in turn enables personal reflection, change, and development.  Business Coaching is one of the most effective solutions to addressing your private and professional concerns, providing you with the perfect tools for making a disciplined, targeted, and speedy change.

  • The desire to change results from past experiences!
  • You find yourself involved in the same scenarios again and again, without the ability to develop your talents and skills?
  • You need a sparring partner for a particular length of time to open the door to new perspectives?
  • You’ve discovered that current behavioral patterns are, in part, no longer successful?
  • You are facing challenges that are completely new to you, such as long-term stays abroad, for which you should and must prepare?
  • Which concerns we address, solutions we develop, impulses we follow, and how far we go to reach your goals is completely up to you. We will provide questions, suggestions, and perceptions that will resonate and further your development.

Executive Training

Executives and managers are seen, perceived, and judged in their roles by those around them. Only a margin of their personal "self" enjoys recognition and respect in a professional context. Let’s take the time to discuss the parts of your personality and their development (e.g. with the aid of Personality Assessment MBTI and 16PF), which are often ignored or denied but still influence your professional career.

  • To reflect on thoughts, decisions, and possible solutions and to verify them within the framework of constructive dialogue helps to prevent possible bias and imbalance. It may also reveal other relevant assessment criteria or arguments that went previously unrecognized, especially when open dialogue is frowned upon within your professional environment.
  • Verbalize the "chaos" of your thoughts, ideas, and goals and begin to find solutions with the help of questions aimed to organize that chaos. Take a step outside of yourself and win distance from the things that consume your inner thoughts, providing for a more accurate perspective.
  • The chance to address your concerns with someone who has no personal agenda and derives no benefit from the solution can be extremely satisfying. The open expression of questions, worries, and needs leads from repetitive thought processes to changed perspectives.
  • Review the impact you have on others and hear directly how your behavior, thought processes, decisions, and values can be interpreted by our coaches, thus gaining personal insight through the perspective of others.

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