Communication is Key

"Words are the source of misunderstandings."
The Little Prince

Successful collaboration means, above all, successful communication.

In our professional lives, communication becomes so matter of course that we often forget to think about how it happens, when and where misunderstandings occur, and how they can endanger the success of collaboration.

In cooperation with our partners, we offer support in the following areas:


  • Better communication at work
  • Conduct difficult conversations
  • Conflict and discussion training
  • Dealing with power and influence

Rhetoric and voice

  • Rhetoric
  • Voice training
  • Quick wit


  • Presenting persuasively
  • Presenting without PowerPoint
  • From stage fright to stage presence

Meeting and moderation

  • The successful meeting
  • Moderation I
  • Moderation II


  • Strategy and tactic in negotiations
  • Conducting negotiations (advanced)
  • Conducting international negotiations

Conflict management

  • Successful conflict resolution
  • Problem solving and decision making techniques

"The man who listens is the one who understands."

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