Stephanie Roas

Marketing & Communication

B.A. in Tourism Management with a focus on Marketing, M.A. in International Cultural and Business Studies

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.“
Arthur Clarke

Stephanie Roas Traveling, meeting new people, and discovering new cultures are my passions. Nothing is more intriguing than to see with open eyes and hear with open ears that which these things can teach us. Time abroad in France, Spain, and Australia, as well as my many travels through Europe have taught me "nothing is impossible". A view of the ocean especially gives me the feeling of endless freedom.

My studies in Tourism Management and Cultural Industry were for me the only logical way to turn my hobbies and passions into a career. Or should I say calling?

Let’s adventure out together and redefine the limits of the possible!

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Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing and communication
    • PR
    • Social Media
    • Web 2.0
  • Intercultural competence
  • Intercultural trainings for children and teenagers

Country Expertise

Australia, North America, Great Britain and Spain

A Brief 'About Me'

“Only those who go their own way can't be overtaken by anyone.”
Marlon Brando

My name is Stephanie Roas and I was born in 1987. Raised in Austria and Bavaria, I call these two beautiful patches of earth my home – but in reality, I feel at home anywhere in the world.

I have successfully completed my Bachelors in Tourism Management, with a focus on marketing, destination marketing, and finance management. After spending a year as Project Manager at the tourism marketing agency TourComm Germany, I began working towards my M.A. in Cultural Industry in October 2012, with a focus on intercultural competence. Languages are my passion – I speak German, English, French, Spanish, and even a bit of Swedish. And of course, we shouldn’t forget my native languages – Bavarian and Voralbergerisch. ;) My specialties in marketing lie in the areas of PR, social media, and Web 2.0.

My Philosophy

"For me, traveling doesn’t mean to arrive somewhere, but to set forth, to let the day unfold with its scent, its spice. Travel means to cross borders. To have space. Room. For personal evolvement, for the development of your own ideas. To reach new horizons, experience new things. Travel means freedom. It means tomorrow and always tomorrow. I set forth..."
Unknown, translated from German

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