Manja Ziemen

Certified Sport Therapist and State-Approved Practitioner of Natural Medicine

"I have learned to go through life with open eyes, to see seemingly random events as gifts, and with these gifts to create my own happiness."

Manja ZiemenFor me, happiness means lightness, pleasure, and joy in simply being. To actively live a life of love and communicate clearly are standards to which I try to live, as well as the ability to learn and grow from my work. I would love to work together with you to reach a new perspective and sharpen your realization of personal moments.

Let’s adventure out together and redefine the limits of the possible!

Areas of Expertise

  • Holistic sports therapy
  • Therapeutic climbing
  • New back training
  • Relaxation techniques / meditation
  • Body image/ sensitization

A Brief 'About Me'

My name is Manja Ziemen and I was born in 1979. I am a certified sport therapist and state-approved practitioner of natural medicine.

I see a person as a single entity and want to improve and optimize their well-being through targeted movements, body image, and relaxation.

As a passionate climber, I have found great fulfillment in working predominantly with children and young adults in the area of therapeutic climbing.

Inspired by my husband and our son, I constantly challenge my physical and spiritual limits by searching with great curiosity and passion for the beautiful things in this world, especially in the mountains.

I am fascinated by people, animals, and nature, and enjoy discovering the world and its inhabitants anew each day.

My Philosophy

"The greatest form of happiness is a life which includes a certain degree of madness."
Erasmus von Rotterdam