Opportunities through Diversity

Diversity Management

"If you look for the same root within yourself and your friend, then there is no distance and no time that can separate you, for the gods that form the base of your oneness mock all walls and oceans."
The Little Prince

Diversity Management is the active and conscious development of forward-looking, value-oriented  strategies and communication and management processes. This involves the acceptance and utilization of certain differences and similarities as sources of potential for the company, as well as processes that create added value.

Cultural diversity recognizes the differences in culture, whether in regards to nationality, region, ethnicity or religion. Cultural diversity can also apply to company, industry, and professional cultures. Diversity Management provides an action-oriented concept to use towards dealing with diversity and its many facets.

The goal of Diversity Management is to increase employee motivation and creativity through a recognition and use of different backgrounds, while at the same time supporting the company's overall strategy.  Cultural Diversity Management focuses on the handling of cultural heterogeneity, which plays an especially important role in a company's globalization process.

Opportunities through Diversity  - Benefits

Various studies and past experiences have proven that companies can definitely profit from the strategic use of a diverse workforce.
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Opportunities through Diversity  - Services

Our economy is characterized by national cultures and accepted norms. What fundamental changes does diversity require...
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Opportunities through Diversity - Example Seminars

In our increasingly globalized and mobile world, working with people from foreign cultures has become run-of-the-mill. This diversity can greatly enrich a company...
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