Maria Gravenhorst

Cross cultural Trainer, Psychological Counselor

MA Counseling, BA International Relations

“We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colors. But, they  all fit nicely into the same box.”

Maria GravenhorstBeing raised in an intercultural environment I can truly call myself a citizen of the world. I love travelling, discovering new cultures and meeting new people. My personal and professional experience as a counselor and intercultural trainer taught me the importance of understanding how different we all are and still, how many common things we share in our lives. I will be happy to share with you my knowledge and to help you in this difficult and yet, wonderful journey, where communication with each other is the key to success.

I'm out on business for our clients a lot and therefore best to reach via email: gravenhorst@crossculturalfitness

Areas of expertise

  • Intercultural Adaptation
  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Intercultural Coaching

Countries of Expertise:

Russia, Switzerland, Spain, France, South America

A brief “About me”

My name is Maria Gravenhorst and I was born on the 25th of February 1977.  I was born in Russia, lived in South America, worked and studied in Switzerland and now living in Germany.  I have a MA in Psychology and a BA in International Relations. Upon graduation I worked as a counselor for diplomats, refugees and handicapped children. As an intercultural trainer I worked for numerous large multinational companies. I speak Russian, Spanish, English and French and was able to work with these languages.

As a true fish water is my natural element. I am a certified scuba diver with a PADI Rescue certificate. My hobby has led me to places where I was able to discover new cultures from different angles. Apart from diving and my family my biggest passions are travelling and cooking.

My Philosophy

„Each moment of your life that is passing by, let it be spent only in joy – Beware! Life is the only value in existence. It will be spent according to the choices you make"
Omar Kayan

“Vis chaque matin comme s´il etait le premier
Et laisse au passé ses remords et mefaits
Vis chaque soir comme s´il etait le dernier
Car nul ne sait de quoi demain sera fait”
Yasmina Khadra “L´equation africaine”